History of the Quarry

History of the Quarry

The Quarry Amphitheatre is one of Perth's most unique and spectacular outdoor performance venues.

Situated high up on Reabold Hill in Perth's coastal suburb of City Beach, the Quarry Amphitheatre began it's life as a working limestone quarry and, at it's peak, employed more than 50 workers supplying limestone to buildings across Perth.  Limestone from the Quarry can still be seen in many of Perth's early buildings.

After ceasing operation in 1906, the quarry was abandoned for eighty years and became a favourite place to visit for for many children who lived in the area. 

Then, in 1986, the Quarry Amphitheatre as we see it today was born, with the old quarry site converted to an amphitheatre and reopened as a performance venue.

Since its transformation into the Quarry Amphitheatre hundreds of local and international acts have taken to the stage under the stars to delight audiences in a truly unique setting.

In late 2016 the Quarry Amphitheatre celebrated 30 years as a performance venue, with a free concert for the local community.  To commemorate this milestone, in 2017 the Town of Cambridge commissioned a documentary looking back to when it was a working quarry to the performance venue it is today.  

We hope you enjoy watching how this former working quarry was transformed into the iconic Quarry Amphitheatre, and at the many local, national and international artists who have performed at this wonderful outdoor venue.